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Graduate programs

There are 6 Master's degree authorization disciplines, such as optical engineering, physic electronics, radio physics, optics, plasma physics, condensed state physics; 4 Doctor authorization centers as optical engineering, physic electronics, radio physics, optics; and 2 post-doctoral mobile stations in physics, electronic science and technology in School of Physics and Optoeletronic Engineering of Xian Electronics Science and Technology University.  



Disciplines /professions

Post-doctoral Mobile Stations


Electronic Science and Technology

Disciplines of Doctor Authorization Level I


Optical Engineering

Doctor Authorization Disciplines

Optical Engineering6/yearly enrollment

Physic Electronics5/yearly enrollment

Radio Physics7/yearly enrollment

Optics5/yearly enrollment

Doctor’s Authorization Disciplines

Physic Electronics30/yearly enrollment

Optical Engineering30/yearly enrollment

Radio Physics40/yearly enrollment

Optics20/yearly enrollment

Plasma Physics5/yearly enrollment

Condensed State Physics5/yearly enrollment