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Level I disciplines

Level II disciplines

Research Fields of Level II disciplines


Optical Engineering

Optical Engineering

Headed by ZENG Xiaodong

New Type of Laser and Application Technology

GUO Zhen

New Type of Laser and Application Technology

ZENG Xiaodong

Laser Target Detection, Recognition and Information Processing

LIU Jifang

Ultrafast Laser Technology and Application

WEI Zhiyi

Electronic Science and Technology

Physical Electronics

Headed by ZHANG Jianqi)

Optical Target and Environment Characteristics

ZHANG Jianqi

Multidimensional Photoelectric Imaging and Display

WANG Xiaorui

Photoelectric Intelligence Information Processing

SHAO Xiaopeng

Photoelectric Imaging and Image Processing

ZHOU Huixin



Headed by HAN Yiping

Optical Target and Environment Characteristics

WU Zhensen

Light Scattering Theory and Measurement of Complex Structure

HAN Yiping

Optical Information Processing and Optical Diagnostic  Technology

HAN Xiang’e


Radio Physics

(Headed by GUO Lixin

Radio Wave Propagation and Scattering Mechanism Research of Complex Background of Earth-space  and  Ground-object

GUO Lixin

Physical Mechanism and Characteristics of Electromagnetic Scattering of Complex Target

WEI Bing

Target and Composite Electromagnetic Scattering Characteristics of Land-sea Environment



Plasma Physics

(Headed by YANG Ruike

Interaction Between the Plasma, the Ionosphere and the Electromagnetic Wave of High Latitudes

LI Haiying

Ionosphere, Iocal Plasma Wave Propagation and Modeling Technology

YANG Ruike

Technology and Application of Low Temperature Plasma 

TANG Xiaoyan