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School of Physics and Optoeletronic Engineering orientates a research organ. It is a new faculty with the integration of College of Science and College of Technology and physics of Xidian University, two Institutions with similar research directions, and in the basis of the Strengths of their disciplines. The new organ strengthens the construction of physics and optical engineering, two level I disciplines , and realizes the the combination of cross disciplines within basic theory research of physics and photoelectric, photoelectric information engineering.


The school will further Reinforce the characteristics of "amalgamation of science and technology" and keeps domestic dominance of disciplines such as optoelectronic technology, photoelectric target and environment characteristics, the photoelectric imaging and information processing. With the superior situation, the school functions the strength of  integration   of physics and optoelectronic information, and expansion of the research fields in signal processing, environmental science, etc., striving to obtain National Key Disciplines and establishment of post-doctoral mobile stations of optical engineering , and being list the first class in the next  round of National Subject Evaluation to optical engineering and  physics.


The discipline of the School is cantered the new laser device and photoelectric detection technology, nonlinear optics technology and application, optical measurement and sensor, photoelectric imaging technology, infrared technology and the application, electromagnetic scattering and environmental   photoelectric characteristics with complex structures, electromagnetic wave transmission and scattering of complex systems, and hyperspectral remote sensing image processing, quantum photonics, ultrafast photonics and application.


There are 5 undergraduate specialties, electronic science and technology (national characteristic specialty), science and technology of electronic information  (national characteristic specialty), science and engineering of optical information  (famous specialty of Shaanxi province), applied physics (famous specialty of Shaanxi province), wave propagation and antenna (characteristic short-specialty of national defense); 6 Master’s degree authorization disciplines, such as optical engineering, physic electronics, radio physics, optics, plasma physics, condensed state physics; 2 post-doctoral mobile stations in physics, electronic science and technology, among which there are 2 disciplines of Doctor Authorization Level I, as physics, optical engineering; 4 Doctor’s authorization  disciplines for optical engineering, physic electronics, radio physics, optical. Physical electronics is the key construction discipline of National “211” Project and the disciplines for distinguished professor positioned by “Cheung Kong Scholar’s Program” of Ministry of Education.